Three Ordinary Situations Where A Ute Crane Is Invaluable

Ute cranes are a great way for ordinary Australians to take a bit more control over their life without having to constantly rely on expensive tradespeople. They are very simple to set up and operate, and they are almost universally able to be installed on any ute. Then, once you have finished using them, the ute crane can be packed away and hidden somewhere dry ready for use whenever you call on it. Read More 

Lithium or Magnesium: Which Type of Batteries Are Better for Your Project

If you are designing something and you need to install a battery into it, you have several choices including batteries with magnesium anodes and batteries with lithium anodes. Wondering which might be better for your prototype? Take a look at these considerations: 1. Magnesium is less expensive. If you opt to use a battery with magnesium anodes, it will typically be less expensive than a battery with lithium anodes. Magnesium is more readily available in multiple forms including rock dolomite, and that helps to keep the price down. Read More 

E3 Partner Visa in the USA - Will It Allow You to Work?

If your spouse has been offered a job in the USA and you're heading over there as well, there's a good chance you'll be on an E3 Spouse Visa - otherwise known as an E3-D. But even with this Visa, there are still a couple of things you'll need to do before you can apply for work. What is an E3 Visa? The E3 Visa is a special visa that was introduced in 2005 and that lets Australian professionals relocate to and work anywhere in the USA. Read More 

The Advantages of Hiring a Body Corporate Manager for Your Property

A body corporate manager is a professional hired to manage a shared or jointly owned property, such as a condominium complex. He or she performs a wide range of duties for the property's body of owners, and it's good to consider hiring such a professional rather than managing the property yourself. Note a few reasons why this is and why every jointly owned property would do well to have such a professional run their facility for them. Read More 

Six Tips for Storing Pottery From Your Gift Shop or Gallery

If you own a small art gallery or gift shop and you run out of display space in your shop, you inevitably may have to put some of your items into storage. Each type of item you store typically requires different techniques to keep it safe. Need to store some pottery? Here are some tips to ensure it doesn't get damaged or worn in commercial storage: 1. Dust the pottery before putting it into storage. Read More