The Advantages of Hiring a Body Corporate Manager for Your Property

A body corporate manager is a professional hired to manage a shared or jointly owned property, such as a condominium complex. He or she performs a wide range of duties for the property's body of owners, and it's good to consider hiring such a professional rather than managing the property yourself. Note a few reasons why this is and why every jointly owned property would do well to have such a professional run their facility for them.

Legally correct decisions

When you have a property owned jointly, there are many laws covering how that property is managed and run and how the body of owners must work together and communicate. A person trying to manage that property on their own may not know the legislation that applies to paperwork, signatures needed for payments and decisions to be made and the like. If you were to bypass or overlook certain laws and legislation about these decisions, you may then be legally liable and face litigation from the body of owners. However, a body corporate manager will be familiar with that legislation and will ensure that all decisions made by the facility will be legally correct, meaning that paperwork will have the proper signatures, meetings will be conducted as legally required, and so on.

Budgetary advice

Very often a manager of a facility will be concerned with how to keep costs low; however, simply cutting costs is not always the best way to manage a facility. A body corporate manager will know how to create a reasonable budget that allows for maintenance needs, renovation and updates to areas that are governed by building codes. They will also know how to include reasonable increases in utilities, property taxes and other such costs. This will ensure that the property is cared for properly while the body of owners can expect and also plan for these increases or expenses as needed.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution can be difficult when a property is being managed by one particular owner, as they may insist on their own point of view, or feelings may be hurt when disagreements arise. A body corporate manager can be very diplomatic in resolving disputes, ensuring that all sides are heard, and also in offering advice as to the best possible outcome for any such dispute. Communicating disagreements between owners can also reduce hurt feelings and misunderstandings, ensuring that the body of owners can continue to work together harmoniously to keep the property functioning.