5 ways to use marble in your home renovation

Marble, while expensive, is a material that can lend sophistication to any home space. If you are planning any kind of home renovation, integrating marble into your design can be a great for ensuring a note of luxury. But how exactly can this material be used in your home? Here are a few ideas to start with. Marble kitchen countertops. This might be the most obvious use of marble in the home, but it's such a classic choice that it bears repeating. Read More 

Which Is The Best Pressure Water Cleaner For Your Industrial Cleaning Contracts?

When starting an industrial contract cleaning business, one of the first requirements is to choose the right high pressure water cleaner. It will be your number one work horse and most essential piece of equipment. Choosing from the variety of available models of pressure cleaners can be daunting, so this guide will provide the essential information you need to help make your decision. Deciding Between a Petrol- or Diesel-Driven Pressure Water Cleaner Read More 

Four Portable Toilet Organisation Strategies To Keep Your Event Clean And Tidy

You're planning a large outdoor event. You want it clean and well organised. You certainly don't want people urinating in the bushes or toilets spilling out poo from overuse. Luckily, with the right portable toilet hire strategies, achieving a clean and well organised event may be easier than you think. Here are a few tips to guide you: 1. Calculate how many toilets you need If you haven't planned a large scale event before, it can be hard to know how many portable toilets you need. Read More 

Innovations In Insulation: Structural Insulated Panels, Trombe Walls And Water Walls

Traditionally, an insulated panel consists of insulating layers such as fibreglass or foam sandwiched between boards. However, innovations in the field of insulation are changing this traditional definition, and now, homeowners have a range of insulting panels and materials available to them. If you are trying to create a well-insulated, environmentally friendly home, here are three types of insulating walls or panels you should consider: 1. Structural Insulated Panels Also called SIPs, structural insulated panels both insulate and support a building. Read More 

Four Critical Path Errors That Can Bring Your IT Project To A Halt

Critical path analysis is one of the most common techniques that IT project managers use. By using procurement software to create a work breakdown structure (WBS) of all the tasks required, the project manager is able to work out the total time it will take to deliver the client's requirements, accounting for all the dependencies and constraints that exist between tasks. Critical path analysis is an essential part of the project workflow planning process, and a lot of IT projects fail because of fundamental errors in this process. Read More