5 ways to use marble in your home renovation

Marble, while expensive, is a material that can lend sophistication to any home space. If you are planning any kind of home renovation, integrating marble into your design can be a great for ensuring a note of luxury. But how exactly can this material be used in your home? Here are a few ideas to start with.

Marble kitchen countertops. This might be the most obvious use of marble in the home, but it's such a classic choice that it bears repeating. If you are thinking about kitchen renovations, you will need to carefully consider which material you choose for the countertops. With so many options like granite, wood, and glass, it can be hard to make a decision—but if you can afford the investment in marble, it is a stellar choice.

Aside from just looking expensive and beautiful, marble is an excellent choice from a functional perspective as well. It wipes down easily so you won't have to worry about any food staining, and it will last in your kitchen for a lifetime. So although it might seem like an expensive choice, it truly is an investment into your home. If you can't quite afford to kit out your whole kitchen with marble countertops then go with your most used counter as a cheaper option.

Marble kitchen splashbacks. Another way of integrating marble into a kitchen space without getting into deep trouble with your bank manager is by installing a marble splashback. Because marble doesn't stain and it is so easy to wipe down with soap and water, it is the perfect material for a splashback. Say goodbye to those pasta sauce stains for good. And since splashbacks take up a comparatively small amount of space, this is an element that is easy to install even if you are working to a tight budget. For more information about using marble in the kitchen, contact a company like Hills Robes & Screens.

Marble headboard. Marble is often used in kitchens because of its functional properties, but it is so beautiful that really any statement piece can be made from marble. One way that marble is not often used but can be very effective is in headboards for beds. If you have a large enough bedroom to be able to carry statement pieces with confidence, a marble headboard will ensure that all eyes are on your bed. Marble is not often used in bedrooms because it does have a natural coolness about it and the bedroom tends to be a warmer space, but you can find marble in warmer shades with hints of yellow and beige if this bothers you.

Marble bathroom tiles. The bathroom is another functional room that needs to be cleaned easily, and this can make marble a great choice here. But a bathroom doesn't just have to be functional. Instead of simply being the place where you brush your teeth and shower each day, your bathroom can be transformed into a spa environment when you cover the walls with marble tiles. While this will certainly be an expensive exercise, at least marble tiles can be bought off the shelf, and if you have some home improvement expertise, you may be able to install them yourself.

Marble floors. If you want to turn your home into a palace, marble floors are the way to go. Of course, this is a huge undertaking but the results will speak for themselves. In order for the space not to look too cold, it can be a great idea to layer the space with warming rugs and furniture made from organic materials such as teak and other hardwoods. This combination of natural materials will create a soft but sophisticated look that just can't be replicated with other cheaper materials.