Buying a Jet Ski Dock? Keep Neatness and Efficiency in Mind

Jet ski docks are compact floating docks that let you drive the jet ski on and off with little mess and noise. These docks are wonderful at keeping the jet ski out of the water so that the bottom of the craft does not end up rusted or otherwise corroded. But the docks themselves can be an issue if you don't choose carefully. Docks can affect the water and aquatic life at the shore, so finding a dock that is better for that environment is necessary. Luckily, that's also easy to do.

The Materials Should Be as Environmentally Safe as Possible

The materials used in the dock should be as eco-friendly as possible. Plastics and rubber materials that don't disintegrate in water are a must, and the materials should resist UV rays as well. You don't want the dock deteriorating under hot summer sunlight, as rust and bits of the dock breaking off into the water just add to pollution problems. The materials in the dock should also be recyclable so that, once the dock reaches the end of its useful lifespan, it can be recycled rather than tossed into a landfill.

The Dock Must Be Something You Can Easily Inspect

Anything sitting in the water is a target for aquatic life that needs to attach to something or hide behind something. That includes pest and invasive species such as the black-striped mussel, which is a major threat in some regions of Australia. For this reason, any dock you get for your jet skis has to be one you can inspect easily. A floating dock isn't the lightest item (even small ones can weigh a couple hundred kilograms), but a couple of people working together can lift one side at a time to inspect under the dock. You can also buy modular docks that you can dismantle piece by piece and then put back together again.

It Should Be Quick to Remove in Case of Storms

Storms that create bad conditions can damage docks, so you need some way to protect yours. If the dock you're using is in a public marina, the marina should have instructions for protecting anything you leave there (to the extent possible; strong storms can still cause damage no matter what you do). If you're in a private harbor or just have a dock alongside a river with other neighbors, you need to be able to haul the floating dock away to prevent losing it in a severe storm. Modular jet ski docks are likely the best choice if storms are a worry.

You may want to write down the conditions your jet ski will be stored in and what factors can affect that area, such as the types of storms or whether invasive species have been an issue in the area. Dock companies can help you find the right jet ski docks for those conditions.

For more information about jet ski docks for sale, contact a local dealer.