E3 Partner Visa in the USA - Will It Allow You to Work?

If your spouse has been offered a job in the USA and you're heading over there as well, there's a good chance you'll be on an E3 Spouse Visa - otherwise known as an E3-D. But even with this Visa, there are still a couple of things you'll need to do before you can apply for work. What is an E3 Visa? The E3 Visa is a special visa that was introduced in 2005 and that lets Australian professionals relocate to and work anywhere in the USA. Read More 

Six Tips for Storing Pottery From Your Gift Shop or Gallery

If you own a small art gallery or gift shop and you run out of display space in your shop, you inevitably may have to put some of your items into storage. Each type of item you store typically requires different techniques to keep it safe. Need to store some pottery? Here are some tips to ensure it doesn't get damaged or worn in commercial storage: 1. Dust the pottery before putting it into storage. Read More 

Innovations In Insulation: Structural Insulated Panels, Trombe Walls And Water Walls

Traditionally, an insulated panel consists of insulating layers such as fibreglass or foam sandwiched between boards. However, innovations in the field of insulation are changing this traditional definition, and now, homeowners have a range of insulting panels and materials available to them. If you are trying to create a well-insulated, environmentally friendly home, here are three types of insulating walls or panels you should consider: 1. Structural Insulated Panels Also called SIPs, structural insulated panels both insulate and support a building. Read More 

Five Essentials Of Successful Business Signs

Whether you are buying a sign for your farmer's market stall, designing a large roadside advertisement or searching for the perfect sign for your storefront, there are a few principles you should keep in mind. The right sign should notify prospective clients of your presence, draw them in and explain something about your company. How do you achieve all of that at once? By employing the following five principles: 1. Convenient Height Read More