How to Choose a High-Quality Pen

Ink pens today are typically cheap and disposable; with people using the computer to create documents and even pay for items rather than write checks, pens aren't used as they once were. However, this doesn't mean that you should ignore your chance to get a high-quality pen; you may want one to handwrite letters for your family and others or to create artwork and drawings. A high-quality pen is also good to use for when you're composing anything you want to last for many years such as a record of your family tree, as the ink from such a pen may be less likely to dry up or fade over time. When you are ready to invest in a high-quality, name brand pen, note a few factors to keep in mind.

1. Note the outer material

A high-quality pen might very well be made of plastic; this doesn't mean that it's somehow cheaper or less desirable, but plastic can often feel better in the hand than other materials and reduce muscle fatigue. A hard outer case for a pen might push against your hand and wrist and cause your hand to tire out more quickly than it should. Plastic is also lighter in the hand so you might be able to control the pen better, which is important for your artwork and for when you're creating calligraphy, and the lighter weight also means being able to use the pen longer before your hand gets tired.

2. Note the shape

The shape of a pen should be considered because this too can affect how it feels in your hand and your overall control of the pen. It might be good to opt for one with a slight cupping at the bottom, over the nib, so that the thumb and forefinger rest easily in this area. You also want to consider the length of the pen and especially in comparison to the size of your hands. One that is too small may actually rub against the inner part of your thumb and forefinger area and one that is too long may mean not being able to control it properly.

3. Consider the nibs

How many different nibs come with the pen and how easy are they to change? Different nibs will give you different widths of ink and also help to control the ink as it flows from the cartridge. This too can be very important for artwork and calligraphy. Choose a name brand pen that offers various nibs and which you can change yourself as needed, for maximum versatility.

For more information, visit websites that sell lamy pens and other sorts of high-quality writing materials.