Hydraulic Ute Cranes Give A Lift To Farm Work

Why struggle with those backbreaking tasks around the farm when you can utilise the power of a crane to do all your heavy lifting? Simply mount one of these small, but powerful machines on to the back of your farm ute and your life will be so much easier. Here's what you need to know about hydraulic ute cranes and why they are an invaluable tool for farmers.

Ute Crane Basics

These small cranes are designed for tasks that do not require huge lifting capacity. As they are lightweight and portable, they are quick and easy to install on the tray of a ute and will be ready for loading or unloading right away.

  • The cranes are one of the most payload efficient pieces of equipment for materials handling. Weighing less than 200 kg, they are capable of lifting up to around 1000 kg loads
  • They are simple to operate and when not being used, the compact design makes them easy to store away without using a great deal of valuable storage space in your shed.

Features Of Ute Cranes

The typical ute crane is made of structural aluminium alloy which allows for its lightweight and compact design. An anodised surface provides maximum resistance against corrosion. The modular mounting systems for the cranes are also manufactured from structural aluminium alloy and can be simply bolted into the tray of almost all models of utility vehicles.

The majority of ute cranes come with a hexagonal boom, providing additional strength and less friction when in the lifting position. They are able to rotate for a full 360 degrees. An adjustable slew rotation (angle of rotation) stopper allows for changing settings to suit different applications

Additionally, ute cranes can be purchased with or without the mounting frame and a choice of manual or hydraulic stabilisers. Winch plates are fitted to provide for the additional accessories of electric or hydraulic winches.

Finally, the benefits of choosing fully hydraulic ute cranes are that they extremely safe to operate and cost less to install. They will offer fewer risks of breakdown, unlike the numerous faults that are likely to occur with electrical components.

Tips For Operating Your Hydraulic Ute Crane

There are a number of safety precautions you need to observe when operating this labour saving machinery. For example:

  • Take care not to exceed to the load rating of the machine and operate it only within its capability
  • Don't try to modify the machine in any way as this invariably leads to malfunction
  • Always pay strict attention while operating the machine and be alert for any possible accidents
  • Aim for smooth operation when stopping and starting—do not jerk the load and place undue stress on the load
  • Never leave a suspended load unattended

You will find the benefits of having a heavy lifter around the farm for all those back breaking jobs are enormous. The effort of heaving that generator and machinery on to the ute as well as loading and unloading the sheep, livestock and hay bales need no longer be a daily burden. A hydraulic ute crane is an investment that will not only make your working day much easier, it will allow you to complete your work more efficiently and save time.

When deciding to purchase your crane you will need to locate a supplier that can offer an extensive warranty and after-sale support. Having a large  range of genuine accessories on hand is also an important factor. You will be able to maximise the performance of your ute crane with accessories like power packs, hydraulic winches, stabiliser legs and remote control devices. You can also extend the reach of your machine with a kit that enables it to achieve extra reaching distance.

Why delay? Start researching your options and get that hydraulic ute crane for some much needed support with your farm duties. For more information, contact a company like Kevrek (Ricon) Australia Pty Ltd.